War Or Genocide..

A city spread over 146 square miles, and has a population of about 1.6 million. Yes, a dense population residing in a very small area. Here you can compare this city with any major American city, where a massive population lives, get educated and earn living in comfort and satisfaction. Though these signs are invisible in this small city of Gaza. Where people do not have access to basic necessities, they are unemployed and they are being killed everyday.

People of Gaza or Muslims in occupied Palestine has been facing blockade of food, water, gas, electricity, construction material and other necessities since 2007, due to insecurities of Israel. Oxfam International stated,

“This blockade has devastated Gaza’s economy, left most people unable to leave Gaza, restricted people from essential services such as healthcare and education, and cut Palestinians off from each other.”

7 Million Palestinian who are living as refugees in their own piece of land  receive international aid for continuing their lives. Human Rights associations call this condition of Palestinian as “OPEN-AIR PRISON”.

Recent situation in Gaza is horrifying, Israel continuously fired rockets in crowded areas for a whole week. We kept on seeing catastrophic images of Gaza on fire, but we were helpless, like Muslims all around the world were in 1900s when the conflict burst out. Its day 14 and when I am writing this blog I confirmed death toll rises to 460+.


According to United Nations (UN) agency for children, at least 73 of victims were under the age of 18 (reported on June 20). None of us can feel the pain of these people, who were holding their kids' dead bodies. A Palestinian tweeted that their pain can move mountains. We should not stop praying for mercy and protection from Allah for Palestinians.


After 10 days of bombardment, on July 17 Israeli ground troops entered Gaza. Within these days our Muslim brethren shared their situation with us.



People are clueless how to console each other, as all of them are suffering from same. A youngster said,



A journalist from AFP visited Shejaiya and tweeted what she witnessed:

According to a research, historically Jewish people used to live in exile and called themselves ‘Jewish Diaspora’. The Western Wall on Temple Mount in Jerusalem is their sacred site. They believed that their origin is from Palestine.

In 1402, Jews got expelled from England, France and Central Europe, they settled back in Palestine where Arabs lived. During Holocaust in Russia, millions of Jews flee and settled in Palestine. In 1930s Jews decided to take over Palestine as an independent Jewish State. Arabs strongly opposed Zionism.

After World War I, Palestine became part of United Kingdom, who supported Zionism. In 1947, UN split Palestine into Arab and Jewish areas, later in May 1948 Israel was created and Palestinians were forced to move to refugee camps due to unbearable conflicts.

These conflicts never ended and killed thousands of Palestinians and few Israelis. You can see the data collected from 2000 till present, which clearly shows the number of Palestinians tragically killed is extremely high. Palestinians have always bear most of the suffering.

Image Courtesy: www.vox.com

“Right of Return” is the frequent call of Palestinians. They want to live in their land with full rights. But Israel will never allow seven (7) million Palestinians to return and let itself become minority. This is the reason behind continuously killing Muslims, now Israel has targeted children which simply denotes “Genocide”.

Israel leadership opposes to withdraw because if they do so, Israel will have to acquire the territories and become either an apartheid-style state that does not allow full rights to those new Palestinian citizens or abandon its Jewish state.

Palestinians have not enough power to fight back, nor physically neither economically. They are helplessly dying without food and shelter. Being a Muslim it should be our responsibility to provide them basic edible things and things that can provide them shelter. So, dear friends donate, donate and donate a lot.


I found this message posted above at a social networking site. I really liked it. Alhumdulillah, Allah is Great and He will protect Palestinians from this Azaab.

May Allah have Mercy on them. Aameen!


2 thoughts on “War Or Genocide..

  1. in the end i have tears in my eyes n more then pain in my heart n i m just shockd to read all.before today i had nt knowledge this much.may Allah hv mercy on them.ameen
    may Allah protect them and save lives.ameen

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