Google is leading digital web market by producing best online tools, software and programs

Google’s Best Products

Since we have brought computers at our homes, Google has been smartly coming up with the ideas to turn our lives around. Whether they are software, programs or tools on internet, Google Inc and its flagship products are strongly competing in the worldwide digital market. Google believes in experimenting with stack of products.

Every product launched by Google has been welcomed by communities with open arms due to its tremendous services and usefulness for people.  Moreover, the staggering fact regarding Google is that it has vast variety of products which shows its footprints spread over entire web. You will not believe how many of the clicks we make online are controlled by Google as Google Inc is now part of our lives and we cannot live without it.

Here, we have brought best five (5) Google flagship products for you that have helped in generating quite brilliant revenue for the company.

Google is the worldwide web search engine that gives quality results

Google is the Most Used Search Engine

1- Google it!

Whoever you are, wherever you live, you must know how to Google it. Google search engine is the best and widely used search engine all across the world. Now extremely relevant information is on your fingertips. Spiders of collect information from all existing websites and bring it forth for us. Even business minds now know how to optimize their websites on Google Search Engine for maximizing their revenue.


Android is competing with Apple’s iOS

2- Customize your World with Android!

Since 2007, Android has been transforming daily activities of mobile phone users into real-life worldly experiences. According to a survey, in 2012 approximately 934,000 people activated Android accounts per day. Google apps powered by Android help users in accessing millions of free apps.

Getting directions is now really easy, wherever you go Google Maps will direct you

Explore the World with Google Maps

3- Explore the World!

Google Maps launched in 2005 is the best innovation through which you can travel around the world, by sitting comfortably on your couch at home. Google’s street view allows you to roam around any city or place in the world.

Videos go viral at YouTube

YouTube is the Worlds Largest Video Sharing Website

4- Videos go Viral here!

YouTube – is among the best flagship product of Google Inc. People create videos and share them easily on the site and watch millions of videos just on a click. YouTube was launched in 2005, and since then its number of users are being multiplied speedily. According to statistics, more than 4 billion videos are watched everyday on YouTube.

Google Chrome is your home for best online experience

Google Chrome – Simplest & Speedy Browser

5- Get the Best Browsing Experience!

The simplest and fastest browser Google Chrome was released in 2008. Without any doubt, it is the most used browser worldwide which has been successfully providing the best experiences to its users.

Apart from these best products, Google has come up with amazing new web-techs that has enhanced your browsing experience and increased millions of businesses growth. Stay tuned for more informative blogs on Google! And don’t forget to subscribe me.. 🙂


Aim of Life


A person who is 70+ shared his life experiences that he had been “an Eeyore not a Tigger; a pessimist, not an optimist; an aimless grasshopper, not a purposeful ant; a dreamer, not a doer; a nomad, not a settler; a voyager, not an adventurer; a spectator, not an actor, player or participant.”
– Lines from David Brooks’ article in

Sometimes I try to behave like an object. I keep searching for the purpose of my life but I never get that. I have found myself standing like an idiot who does not know what to do next.
But whenever I caught a beam of light I followed it, and learn new things and tried to collect all the bonanzas out of it, including happiness.
Then I discovered probably the aim of my life is to be happy and making others happy.. but i want more, something bigger.. I really don’t know what exactly it is, but beyond doubt I’ll reach there and grab it.. 😉
I don’t want to end up like a dreamer, now I’ll focus on how to become a doer.. I have achieved just few things in life, a
lthough they seems nothing to me at the moment, but better is that for convincing myself to be a doer I have to remember all minute things too :p You know repeating “I can do it” has a powerful impact for boosting up your abilities… 🙂
I’m not gonna give up easily, I’ll be a fighter (won’t kick someone’s ass :p ) because it’s illuminating all around me, except in load-shedding hours..
So I have written a lot here, now I gotta go but don’t forget to give me your feedback k aapke ghar mei light jati hai ya nhi?